Full Service Digital Strategy Consulting

The greatest benefit of digital lies in its ability to forge individual relationships with the audience. Unlike any other broadcast medium, digital channels allow direct engagement with each member of the audience.

Through social media (community management, campaigns), technology and development (web, mobile) and production services (live events, multimedia projects, branded content), our approach is one specifically tuned to drive engagement and conversion.

Social Media Marketing

We have a strong grasp of the full digital media landscape including online research and targeting, measurement & monitoring, blogger and other influencer engagement techniques, online community building, word of mouth marketing, branded social media tools, and sentiment/brand reputation analysis.

Technology and Development

Our team has to have a strong technical background in order to accomplish our every day responsibilities. We can help with everything from web development to equipment purchasing, providing CTO level, specialized management and support for your project, working closely with our creative and production teams.

Production Management

Let us partner with you on your next production and we’ll bring our full service talents to the table. We will work with you to make sure your project comes in on time and on budget. Well versed and experienced in all aspects of digital production, we have successfully launched campaigns and strategies for award winning shows, large scale online streaming events, product launches and conference coverage.

Analytics and Reporting

We implement advanced and deeply integrated social and web reporting tools. Through constant monitoring of social mentions, web and blog traffic, we indentify influencial users, tune messaging and provided in depth reports showing progress and conversion metrics. From potential impressions to demographic information and influencer analysis, we have you covered.