Social Media Marketing

We began our work with Sanebox in a strictly content marketing role, creating and distributing blog content to increase awareness and add value. This partnership then quickly grew to full digital marketing strategy. Through optmization of their social profiles, daily updating and monitoring of their accounts and continued integration with their director of growth, we grew their audience, increased conversion, introduced them to influencers who adopted the product and advised/executed complete campaigns.

Technology and Development

Our firm worked to implement our suggestions directly, building out the CMS, converting/training on the new Facebook brand pages while training on best practices, the technology tools used every day by the Sanebox team. Additionally, our SEO/SEM director worked on search ranking, keyword optmization, and overall conversion rate optmization resulting in an increase in organic traffic and product conversion.

Analytics and Reporting

As with all of our product and service related clients, from inception of our partnership, we implementing advanced and deeply integrated social and web reporting tools. Through constant monitoring of social mentions, web and blog traffic, we indentified influencial users, tuned messaging and provided in depth reports showing progress and conversion metrics.