Social Media Marketing

From maintaining the show’s social profiles and research for show segments to integrating with the social teams for guests including Mark Cuban, Snoop Dogg, Stan Lee and others, our social media consulting services became our primary role during the course of the show. We infused the show with best practices, quickly grew the community on all social platforms and assisted other members of the production team with operation and strategy social consulting services, resulting in awards including best social media/interactive experience.

Technology and Development

We were instrumental in developing a plan for the information technology equipment necessary to create and produce the show. In addition to building out the edit bay and encoding systems, we equipped the staff with the systems they use every day and provided as-needed day to day consulting and advice on all technical matters. Additionally, we designed and implemented the core network infrastructure necessary to stream the show live every week to UStream, YouTube and LiveStream. Our implementation enabled the show to reach a very large audience in a reliable, trouble free fashion.

Production Management

Our experience in digital production came into play as the show is captured, edited and produced for distribution online. We were able to use our entertainment and show production know how to not only help produce segments and show ideas but focus and integrate community socialization features, creating an deeply engaging, interactive experience.

Analytics and Reporting

Heavy analytics and metrics using emerging tools and resources. Through constant monitoring of social mentions, web and blog traffic, we indentified influencial users, tuned messaging and provided in depth reports showing progress and conversion metrics.